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Seen it before, see it again!

Fashion, one word yet there is so much behind it, from clothing, accessories, styles and designs fashions means so much, many of the fashion trends we have seen in recent years we have seen and lived through before. The 60’s made a semi successful come back, as did the 70’s and 80’s, the 90’s were a mish mash and the noughties have been a bit of everything, but throughout all the decades there is one that has always been apparent, gone unnoticed and not recognised for the beauty is really is. Yes we are talking about 50s clothing!


50s clothing was the start of something new for women, it allowed for women to embrace themselves, they could start to enjoy fashion and learn what powers it had hidden beneath. We look at the body con/ bandage dress of today and we forget that it was originally the wiggle dress of the 50’s, the same goes for many of the prom and part dresses of today, they have all been inspired by the rockabilly dresses that again were born in the 50’s.



50’s clothing has so much to answer for it was the start of a new era of women becoming empowered and being able to wear what they wanted, even trousers, before this decade it was not seen or heard of. When the 50s clothing started to change after WWII funnily enough it was America who wanted to decline the change in the fashion. They did not take to it straight away, but when they saw what was happening in Europe the trends soon took on.


When it comes to clothing, fashion and women embracing themselves with clothing we have a lot to thank the 50s for. There are so many different designs and styles that are popular today and they are all based on the themes from the 50s. It goes without saying that over the years we have seen it all and this one theme is the one that has stuck throughout, it has been inspiring and yet it fits so well even today. When you walk down the street and you see a woman in a rockabilly dress or dressed like she is living the 50s to me it is glamour that comes to mind, from the hair, the make up the clothing the shoes everything, it screams with glamour.


There are very few fashion traits that we can say this about many have come and gone shown up again and been pushed out again put back where they belong, in the past but when it comes to this era of fashion, they had it right the first time round and many designers seem to recognize this and stay with it as the basis of their designs, there is a 50s inspiration in so many of todays clothing.